Winter in Dallas


This is the week I’ve dreaded. Regardless of being the first full week of 2016. Regardless of the premiere of The Bachelor on Monday. Christmas is done. New Years is done. My birthday is done (I know it was in November! That’s still a whole 11 months away as of this week!) Work has started again. My dog hates me because she’s in her crate eight hours a day again. No more twinkly lights. No more cheery holiday music. No more pine scents, pies, or presents. No more eating whatever I want, because now everyone’s off the cookie train and on the #resolutions train, and I succumb to peer-pressure easily.

It’s back to corporate life, 9 to 5, hustling every day of the week, which has its goods (I enjoy me a nice, set schedule) and some bads (when’s the next vacation, now?). It’s Wednesday, but it really just feels like the third Monday in a row this week after not being in the office for two weeks and having two days yet till the weekend. So it’s a ripped-grocery-sack sort of time over here. Womp womp. But here’s the deal. There’s a silver lining. There always is one; you’ll learn that with me, even if I need to complain for a little bit first.

And that is — brrrrrrrrr — (that was me imitating a drum roll, just in case you need to redo that noise in your head) it’s January in Texas! It’s still chilly some days, but some days we get beautiful, 60-degree weather with the sun shining, birds chirping, and a tank top underneath my cardigan! We have a few solid months of layered and cozy and warm winter clothes to go through, but I love that in this state, it can change in an instant. Two layers of leggings and blanket scarves one minute, racerback tanks and ripped jeans the next. That’s what I’m talking about.






Please ignore the Harry Potter-esque scratch on my forehead that randomly appears in a few of these photos.





Tank: H&M (Available online in black) // Sweater: Audrey (Love this brand, obvi with that name, but this sweater is so dang old; similar here and here) // Jeans: Old Navy // Booties: Forever 21 // Necklace: Gift, and I couldn’t find anything truly similar so this will have to do // Retro sunglasses: Target (Old, similar here)

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