Valentine’s Appreciation Day


For the longest time, I was my friend groups’ token single gal, and I loved it. Throughout high school and college, I was not about to settle for a mediocre relationship when I felt like I had so much growing up and into to do still. I had my fun, dated around, explored my interests career- and hobby-wise, and became well-acquainted with what I wanted (and, just as importantly, what I didn’t want) in a romantic relationship and in life in general. Along came John (more accurately: I spotted him and decided to chat him up) one spring night at a Dallas-suburb bar, and I never thought I’d start dating, eventually seriously and exclusively, that first encounter.

A year-and-a-half into our rendezvoused relationship, and I am so happy to be with a respectful and respecting man and equally happy I took my time to get to this place of commitment. If I’d settled into longterm relationships with each Joe-Shmo I was halfway interested in a few years ago, I don’t think I’d know who I am as acutely as I do today. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite times to remember that. I know it’s a made-up holiday by corporate America, but to me, it’s always been a super important time to reflect on the love I have for my life and the paths I’ve chosen, along with the love I have for those dearest to me.

Because I postponed any sort of serious romance for much of my life, I’ve always spent Valentine’s with my sweet family or close girlfriends (until last year, that is). Galentine’s celebrations were staple nights throughout college, that’s for sure. Plus, I’m a sucker for any occasion where I get to get dolled up and have a few hours of carelessness. So, yes, Valentine’s Day isn’t technically a real holiday, but in my opinion, it’s a really perfect time to love a little extra on your loved ones. It’s tough to remember to do that every day. In fact, I’m probably the worst at keeping up with everyone important to me on a regular basis. That’s why I love this day! A holiday centered around love will always be something I can get behind. Thanksgiving? Love of food. Christmas? Love of little baby Jesus. And Valentine’s? Love of love. And chocolate, too. I mean, we can’t forget the chocolate.















Dress: Francesca’s // Heels: Charlotte Russe // Arrow necklace: Francesca’s… I bought this necklace last week but it isn’t online! Sigh. Similar here // Bag: Old Navy // Lip sunglasses: vintage, similar here // Lip color: Sephora in “Nude Pink Luster”

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