Things I Hope I Never Get Sick Of

Hello. Happy almost-end-of-March. I’m having writer’s block and can’t think of any charming stories or witty pieces of advice for this week’s post, so instead, here’s a list of things I hope I never get tired of — and, you know what? It was oddly therapeutic and even a little challenging coming up with this list. So, maybe I do have some advice (because I’m bossy like that): Try coming up with your list of things you hope to treasure forever, and then actively add those things into your day-to-day life. I know that’s what I’ll be doing with mine (‘specially that first one).

A good glass of wine. Or three.

Listening to live music.

People-watching in airports.

Homemade sundaes.

A sweaty yoga class with good music.

Cracking bad jokes, even if they only make one person laugh. (Even if that one person is me.)Read More

Real Talk & Overdue Easter Photos, Because Why Not?


Hey. How’s it going? Been a long time. What’s new in your life?

No excuses here for my couple-week absence from the blog, just life and a little bit of laziness, to be completely honest, and some fatigue. I got caught up in the “rules” of blogging. Of course there aren’t any actual RULES to running a blog, but there are unspoken boxes one must check in order to consider oneself a Serious Blogger. Which, yeah, I totally want to be that!

So, there I’ve been the last few months: checking my page views and visitor counts daily, pushing new posts out on all social media fronts, maintaining a strict three-posts-a-week schedule, getting frustrated when numbers seemed to plateau.

I even started having that “blogger” tone in my writing. You know what I mean if you read lots of lifestyle or fashion blogs. Not everyone has it, but many do. It’s part holier-than-thou tone, mixed with a voice of the highest authority that, honestly, I don’t have. I don’t! I don’t know anything more about making salsa or picking a cute lipstick for my outfit than my neighbor Joe does. Okay I probably know more about lipstick than he does, but you get what I mean.

It’s this voice that commands, in my opinion, too much from readers. “Believe me, because I say so and because I’m the one whose name’s on this website.” That’s basically what I’ve been saying.

While I love to share and write about topics that I admire and adore and want to learn more about, it isn’t my responsibility to convince everyone else to be right there with me, admiring and adoring and learning, unless, you know, they want to. I started a blog to have my own creative forum where I can express my appreciation and curiosity for health and food and personal style and beauty and traveling and LIFE and creativity itself.

You know what one of the biggest dampers to creativity is? It’s killing yourself trying to make people notice your creativity. If people want to come along on this adventure with me, that’s cool, but if they don’t, that’s fine too! (Or so I’m learning.) If one post I’m particularly proud of gets a weird low amount of views, I can’t let it get to me. If I forget to share a post on every social media account because I have a jam-packed day, I must stop the feeling that I’m failing. All those things are normal human emotions, sure, but in the realm of creativity, I’m realizing I need to be my own biggest optimist and erase the thoughts of “What if I fail?”

So anyway, here I am again. Back at it, with some random photos of me and John on Easter to go with this word-vomit post, because it’s my blog, and I can do what I want to (with humility and grace, of course).




Dress: old, similar here // Heels: old, similar here // Necklace: ALSO old, similar here

Spring Fever


This is my “I can’t wait for spring” dress. I. Can’t wait. For spring. And it’s kind of perfect because apparently Dallas can’t wait, either. We’ve had straight 60- to 70-degree weather for the past couple weeks, and the forecast bumps us up to the 80s next week. It’s a teeny bit absurd — usually, January and February in North Texas means it’s time for an ice-pocalypse — but I’ll take it. It’s like, why do we even need a winter anyway? Sure, I get the whole global warming scare thing, and I get that without an actual freeze, we’ll be in mosquito and allergy hell this summer. But do we really want to be bundled up in parkas and toboggans any longer than necessary? I, and this dress, argue: NO.

I remember my first year living in Texas — my first winter, specifically. I was a freshman at TCU in Fort Worth, and I lived in one of the only yet to be remodeled dorm buildings (it was also the only all-girl dorm, which is a whole other annoying story). We had central heating and air conditioning, and I just so happened to live in a corner room farthest from said central heating and air conditioning unit. I’ve lived in Texas for six years now, and that winter was by far the coldest I’ve experienced. We had almost an entire week off from school in February because a thick layer of ice had settled over every outside surface. Walking anywhere was a super fun and exhilarating activity during that week. I’d wake up shivering with tingly fingers and toes each morning and see ice on the inside of my dorm windows. I’m from Las Vegas. I am not equipped to deal with ice inside my windows or anywhere else, really.

In my solidarity for disliking cold winters: I’ll pop a few extra Zyrtec, slather on some bug spray, and do my darnedest to reduce my carbon footprint in exchange for wearing sandals and springy swing dresses a little earlier in the year. I’m all about priorities over here.















Dress: Old Navy (On sale for under $20!) // Wedges: old, similar here // Necklace: gift, similar here // Lips: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick – Kate Moss Collection in No. 11 // Nails: OPI “Lincoln Park After Dark”