Things I Hope I Never Get Sick Of

Hello. Happy almost-end-of-March. I’m having writer’s block and can’t think of any charming stories or witty pieces of advice for this week’s post, so instead,┬áhere’s a list of things I hope I never get tired of — and, you know what? It was oddly therapeutic and even a little challenging coming up with this list. So, maybe I do have some advice (because I’m bossy like that): Try coming up with your list of things you hope to treasure forever, and then actively add those things into your day-to-day life. I know that’s what I’ll be doing with mine (‘specially that first one).

A good glass of wine. Or three.

Listening to live music.

People-watching in airports.

Homemade sundaes.

A sweaty yoga class with good music.

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Introducing: The Blob


First, there was the bob. Then came the long-bob, also known as the lob. Now, because I enjoy inventing words (especially those that sound very uncomfortable), say hello to the blonde-long-bob–in other words, the blob. This haircut has been a long time coming. I’ve been talking about it for months and months, but I was stuck in the place that I believe many women have been stuck in: the “I’ve been wanting long hair forever and growing it out for what feels like longer, and even though it’s almost impossible to do anything with it at this length and weight, I feel attached to it and therefore can’t cut it.” Yes? No? Only me? Well, that’s where I’ve been, hence the influx of recent outfit posts featuring a slicked back bun. I’ve known for a while that a snip and a chop were fast on their way.

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