Say No to Eyelash Extensions

I’m taking a sharp turn from last week’s far more intense topic of being a sometimes controlling a-hole to talk about something I’ve come to truly dislike. It’s also a sharp turn from a blog post on this exact topic I wrote about a year ago, when I was singing the praises of face tarantulas — um, I mean eyelash extensions.

Most of us have heard of eyelash extensions, and many of us have been tempted to give them a try (especially us millennials — glamorous, “low-maintenance” makeup is always appealing, right?). I know tons of people who are huge fans of lash extensions, and I get it. Right after you get them done, they are so gorgeous and perfect and really open up your eyes. But after a couple of go-rounds, I’m done.

I’ll take the three minutes in the morning to swipe on some mascara to my normal-length lashes and save the $1,300 per year for important things like shoes and ice cream, thank you very much. (This has been my mascara of choice for several years running.)

I USED TO LOVE THEM. This is obvious, since I was pretty gung-ho in that post last year and got a new set about a month-and-a-half ago. But since getting them a little while ago and having them touched up once, I’ve made the decision that they are 100-percent not for me.

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Eyelash Extensions and A Burrito Dress. Yep.


Fun fact: when I wore this dress to work at my first job out of college, an older coworker of mine asked if there were miniature burritos all over it. He was our graphic designer and, as you can imagine, a little kooky, and I crack up thinking about a dress covered in burritos any time I wear this dress. Maybe I should just save this dress to wear when I go eat burritos? That story has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of this post, but I love it. So there you go.

Anyway! The sky began falling in Dallas today. Can you tell from these photos? The weather is supposed to keep up the madness — thunder, lighting, wind, and lots and lots of rain — for the next EIGHT DAYS. April showers and all that, I guess. But I’m pretty happy today nonetheless because a) I love overcast weather and rain (even when it’s windy as all get out), and b) I’m giving a new beauty fad a little test run. And so far, I’m pretty obsessed.

I stopped in to Flirty Girl Lash Studio on Saturday and met with Crystal, the owner, to get some eyelash extensions! I love me some long and luscious eyelashes, and I have since I started wearing makeup, like, ten years ago (and now I feel old). If I had to bring one beauty product with me to a deserted island, I’d definitely choose sunscreen. But my second choice would absolutely be mascara.

I’m constantly on the hunt for the best mascara out there that’s lengthening, but not clumpy, and my girlfriends can tell you I am the first to jump on any occasion where false lashes might be of good use. So the thought of not even needing to use mascara, yet getting the look of long, beautiful eyelashes, was pret-ty appealing.


The other perfect part about eyelash extensions is that I’m sort of the laziest when it comes to my day-to-day makeup. I use about, oh, five products, and it takes about five minutes for me to apply them. But now I don’t have to use ANY eye makeup (unless I want to throw on eye shadow or eyeliner, which I don’t typically do on a normal day). So literally, y’all, my makeup routine now is a three-minute process. In this post, I’m wearing concealer, face powder, and bronzer. I’m in lazy-girl heaven.

Plus, getting the extensions applied was relaxing and painless, so much so that I fell fast asleep during the process. It took about an hour, and laying there with my eyes closed for that amount of time is bound to end with me nodding off once or twice. Every once in a while, I’d feel Crystal re-align my head, which had literally nodded to the side as I dozed off to sleep. Whoops.

Before starting, she showed me a few different looks to choose from, from minimalistic extensions (a more natural look) to super-diva (thick, voluminous, dramatic). I chose the simpler ones, and Crystal adapted the style some to make my eyes look larger per my request. I loved that she tailored it to exactly what I wanted.

If you’re on the fence with this fad like I was (I wasn’t sure if I would like the finished look as much as I do), I’d say absolutely give it a shot. And if you’re in the Dallas or North Texas area, I 100-percent recommend Flirty Girl in Plano (at The Shops at Legacy)! Crystal and her girls will take great care of you. Pinky promise.









Babydoll (burrito) dress: old, similar here and here // Ankle boots: Dolce by Mojo Moxy // Eyelash extensions (LOVE): Flirty Girl Lash Studio