The Irony in Getting What You Want

Once upon a time, I interned at a magazine in its editorial department. It was my senior year in college, which I like to think was just yesterday but, in reality, was nearly three years ago, and I was pretty sure I was winning at everything in life. I interviewed fun entrepreneurs and interesting professionals, wrote several articles a week, and was certain I was the next Diane Sawyer (print edition).

I wanted to work for the magazine more than anywhere else after I graduated — so badly that I even applied for the receptionist position, which made about no money and obviously had nothing to do with journalism. From my whopping seven hours a week spent in the office, I was positive the people and atmosphere were everything I could ever dream of in a first job environment. (Clearly seven weekly hours is enough to tell something like that, right?…)

It all seemed ideal, except for this one girl.

She was a full-time employee, and I worked with her on a couple fact checking assignments. I knew her job vaguely revolved around fact checking and data analysis within the editorial department, and I can clearly remember watching her walk down a hall one day with a sullen look on her face, a norm, and thinking to myself, I would hate to have her job.

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Oh, 2016

What a difference a year can make. People always say that, but when you look at it in every aspect of your life, big and small, it’s astounding. Shocking, even.

Of course, there are the changes that affect everyone — a new president who will certainly modify the way our country currently works (that’s as much as I’ll say about that topic on here…), forever goodbyes to majorly influential people (the last week alone has been tough to swallow), crazy things happening left and right (Kim getting robbed, Brangelina splitting up). The memes alone about 2016 and all its horror go on for days, and I’ll admit, I find them pretty entertaining.

But personally, I can find so much to be happy about in 2016, and I think deep down, if we dig through the sadness and heaviness of some of the gunk that took place, each of us can find things to be grateful for last year. Whether it’s new family members, a much-needed change in your work or relational life, a different place to call home, or a pet or project that’s brought some light into your world, not everything from 2016 deserves to be scrapped.

But universally, the feelings toward this year are tired and bitter. At least according to social media. You’ve seen the posts and the digs, right? People are ready for this fresh start — and don’t get me wrong, I’m right there with you. I can always get behind turning a new leaf. But I also can’t help but feel like we’re kind of collectively cutting 2016 short.

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