“Swedish” Braid Updo Tutorial

Here I am again in video form and slightly less grainy than last time. A few things to note about this tutorial: it’s slightly longer than I’d hoped it would be (14 minutes), but I kept talking and explaining things and then felt like I couldn’t cut them out. So we’re left with a solid quarter hour of chit-chatty ol’ me, trying to teach y’all how to do a cute little braid ‘do. Allot yourself enough time and (please) roll with it, if you don’t mind.

And, let me just clarify, when I say, “learning process,” I mean: “I have no idea what I’m doing.” I strive for honesty here.

Also, if you dislike the word “chunk,” brace yourself. I actually loathe this word, yet for some reason I KEPT USING IT to explain my braiding process: “Take the inside chunk and move it to where the outside chunk was before.” I deeply apologize to your ears.

Lastly, please ignore the fact that my dog is all over the place in this video, especially the beginning. She’s a brat and does what she wants. Where ever would she get such a trait?

Enjoy. And! Let me know if you have any questions at all in a comment below. I’m more than happy to clarify anything your heart desires, regarding this video or not!


  1.  Part hair down the center or right off center.
  2.  Using a teasing or regular comb (or brush), backcomb sections of your hair near the root around your part. Pay extra attention to the crown of your head and get it nice and voluminous. Smooth over any tangly pieces gently with your comb.
  3.  Take about a 1-inch section of hair on one side of your part and split it into three smaller sections.
  4.  Place one of the outer sections underneath the middle section, and move that middle section to the outside.
  5.  Repeat with other side: place outside section underneath the middle section, and move that middle section to the outside.
  6.  Repeat again on the first side, but this time, grab a small (1/2-inch-ish) piece of hair to add to that section before placing it underneath the middle section.
  7.  Continue this process, grabbing small sections of hair as you braid and holding the braid as tightly as possible. The braid should be going diagonally down toward your ear for about 3-4 inches, at which point you’ll stop French braiding (grabbing more hair to braid with) and finish braiding the hair away from your head. Secure with a rubber band.
  8.  Pull the braid’s strands, starting at the rubber band and moving toward your head, loosening and fattening it up.
  9.  Repeat on the other side of your part.
  10.  Pull braids and remaining unbraided hair into a low, tight ponytail. Remove the braids’ rubber bands. Loosen and fluff the crown of your hair by gently pulling and puffing it out of the ponytail and hairspray after it’s at a volume you prefer. That’s it!

I feel as though this written explanation and the video explanation are both slightly confusing as stand-alones, so if you want the full picture of how to achieve this look, I guess you’ll just have to read/watch both. I didn’t plan that at all. (I really didn’t.)

Hairspray: Kevin Murphy Doo Over Dry Powder Spray ($33)

Song: “Intro” by The xx

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