November 2

This month is so special to me–it’s a month of thankfulness and seasons changing, leaves falling, and of course, it’s my birthday month, which makes it extra special. This day is special, too. Last year on November 2, I launched this blog that’s been sorely neglected for the last few months. But, looking at my Timehop app this morning and seeing my promotion for my new blog from this day last year, I remembered all my excitement and nerves and vision for this website, which I started as an encompassment of all things I love and am inspired by, a place to be creative and write about topics that fascinate and compel me to do and be better.

As I’ve talked about on here, over the last year, I’ve gotten caught up in the comparison game and in life itself, letting non-priorities get in the way of my original idea behind starting Freckles and Figs. Between leaving my job and home in Dallas and moving to Nashville, into a home with John and our dog, Piper, I’ve allowed myself to get distracted. But I see distraction as a good thing, sometimes. In this case, I believe it has been. A break from creating–writing, blogging, planning–has allowed me to study something I’ve been wanting to do for a long, long time.

With my schedule, I get much more free time than I’ve had at previous jobs. I nanny Monday through Friday for a family who has the sweetest little nine-month-old, which means, at his age and stage, he’s taking a couple naps a day. During his naps, I’m usually doing one of three things: working out, working on my freelance writing/copyediting, or reading. Reading! I love to read, and I forgot all about it.

I used to hate getting home from a long day at work and cracking open a book, because at that point, I felt emotionally and mentally exhausted, completely drained. Back then (meaning: a few months ago), all I wanted after work was some wine, all of the chips and salsa, and some Bravo shows. (Hint: I now know if you feel that way after work every day, you might just be in the wrong job. Hindsight, y’all.)

I have been devouring books the last few months, and more than that, I’ve been paying attention to how they’re written. The structure, the story development, the chapter lengths and titles, the narration, all that good stuff that I used to not think about so much when reading for fun. I’m paying attention now more than ever because I have been saying (for YEARS, mind you) that I want to write a book. And not just one book–BOOKS. That’s been my dream since I was a little girl; I want to be an author.

I thought writing this blog would lead me into that direction, which maybe, in some ways, it has. It’s also taken these past few months of diving into novels and changing up my routine to really feel like I can start my own. And guess what? I have! I’ve started writing a book, and I hate it so far (isn’t that just how it goes, fellow creators?), but my plan is to keep on going until I’ve got something complete and something I’m proud of. So, if you’ve been wondering where the heck I’ve been for a while, now you know: I’ve been reading, studying, and starting to write, but it’s just somewhere else for now.

But! I also plan on being back here on Freckles and Figs a little more often, and not just popping in every three months with life updates. If there is anything specifically you’d like me to cover here, or things I’ve blogged about in the past that you want to see more of, I’d love to know. Writing and creating in all forms truly helps me be creative in other aspects, which I certainly could use in this new writing venture.

Thanks for bearing with me in this up, down, and everywhere else blog. Cheers to November and creating the lives we want, y’all!

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