Motion For All Bloggers To Stop Using This Phrase

(Disclaimer: this post is written mostly in jest. If you use this phrase, I might silently cringe, but I still love you, and I probably read your one-and-only blog — on the reg.)


Y’all, I love the blogging community. So many individuals just doing what they love, following their passions, and sharing about it. But this community, outside the actual blog sites and in the world of social media promotion, has unknowingly contributed to one of the most annoying, in my opinion, and arrogant phrases surrounding blogging, and that phrase is, “on the blog.”

The blog.

Not “my” blog. Not “” That would be solid brand advocacy right there, folks. No — instead, bloggers are out here posting Instagrams and Tweeting every day, saying that they’ve got a new post up, “on the blog!” Go look at 100 percent of your favorite bloggers’ social media pages; you’ll see these three words on all of them.

Is yours the one, solitary existing blog on planet earth? Okay, okay — blogging is more of an intellectual property thing. Is your blog the one, solitary existing blog on the worldwide web? No, no it is not.

I propose a movement that lifestyle, fashion, beauty, YouTube, food, and mommy bloggers everywhere stop using this phrase. It is so silly and secluded. I’m a little ashamed to admit, though, that I’ve done it. Before I realized what I was even doing, I wrote “on the blog” on Tweets and Instagrams to advocate for previous blogs I ran — shamelessly alerting the world that I, Audrey Swanson, wrote for THE blog, the one and only blog, and you guessed it, a new post was finally up. I knew you’d been hanging on the edge of your seat.

You’ve probably done it, too, if you own a blog and actively promote it on social media. And you do it because you’ve seen other successful bloggers say the same thing: “New post featuring the 18 greatest tulle skirts on the blog!” It is a blog-promoting epidemic. There is even a hashtag on Instagram with over 600,000 uses, for crying out loud. That’s insane; there’s no way 600,000-plus bloggers can truly imagine they are the only ones line-itemizing beauty regimens.

What’s next? Will parents start posting Instagram pictures that say, “Feeding the baby!”? Wait — I feel like that’s okay. Is Beyonce going to tweet something that says, “Can’t wait until you hear the new album!”? Actually, that one’s not bad either. When is she coming out with a new album, by the way?

It must just be a blog thing. All I’m trying to say is: own your blogs, you guys. They’re all beautiful and unique. Let’s not get quite so grandiose, and instead promote them as each their own. All in favor? *girl raising her hand Emoji*

Oh, and one more pervasive blogger habit while we’re on the topic: y’all really need to stop it with the fall flannel fads. They are so overrated.









Flannel: Old Navy (On sale right now!) // Jeans: Old Navy (Also on sale! Gosh, I love Old Navy.) // Booties: Nine West (Old: similar here) // Purse: Vintage Dooney & Bourke (Can find on Etsy) // Bracelet: Gift (Similar here and here) // Lipstick: Ulta Lipstick “Raisin

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