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By now, y’all know how much I adore Create + Cultivate, the conference for creative and entrepreneurial women I attended last Saturday. You’ve seen my two most recent posts where I’ve shamelessly gushed about my affection for this magical conference. What I haven’t mentioned is one of the most important details: the goody bag.

The goody bag from Create + Cultivate shouldn’t be called a goody bag. In fact, that’s kind of insulting. It wasn’t even a bag: it was a giant Shabby Chic floral tote. And it wasn’t just “goodies” inside—a few Tootsie Rolls and a Yo-Yo (though, that would’ve been cool, too). No, no: this things was stuffed—actually overflowing—with products and discount coupons and a dang camera, for goodness sake. I actually felt slightly overwhelmed emptying its contents on my bed when I got home, but, you know, in a good way. There was so. much. stuff.

Not only was it impressive in quantity, but this bag was chock-full of high-end, top-of-the-line products, some of the best which, dear Freckles and Figs readers, I want to give to one of you! It’s been a fun ride the last few months running this blog, and the support and feedback I’ve received from so many of you has absolutely made my world. So, thanks! Here’s about $250 worth of skin and hair product that I don’t necessarily want to part with, but the only reasonable exception to do so is to let anyone who spends their time reading what I have to say know that I superappreciate you.

Here are the rules to enter:

  1.  Go to my Instagram account (@audswan) and follow me
  2.  Like the photo associated with this giveaway (hint: it’ll be the same one as above)
  3.  Tag 3 friends who you’re thankful to have in your world
  4.  Bonus points: also leave your email address in a comment on my Instagram to receive a note every time a new post is published on Freckles and Figs!

Thanks for entering and for reading!

(Contest ends Wednesday, February 10 at 5 p.m.)

Full item list is below:

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