It’s me.

You know, I’ve been working on that opener for a ve-ry long time. I finally had it just perfect, saved it in my drafts last week, and then Adele goes and releases her first single in years with the same intro as my blog’s. Of course, her song is killer. Moving, striking, and relatable, too. Coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, welcome to the very first blog post on Freckles and Figs! My name’s Audrey, and you guys, this is such an exciting time. I’ve been plotting this space for months, brainstorming and scribbling down ideas for things I’d like to share with you, and now it’s finally here.

Before I came up with Freckles and Figs, I really think it had been a long time coming. I’ve been reading blogs for half a decade (that sounds way cooler than five years, right?), and might have started one or two or six of my own over the years. But with school, at first, and now those fun little things called responsibilities and bills and busy schedules that come with being an “adult,” the blogs I’d once started and committed my life and soul to, eventually simmered into lonely and neglected corners of the web.

All that reading and studying of my very favorite blogs, and conceptualizing a few of my own, was a sort of precursor for a new chapter. They were like the study group you join before taking the SAT. This time around, though, it’s not a practice test. This is the real deal, and things are a little different: I have a plan. And that plan is to continue planning. Easy, no? (Okay, I have more plans than that, but that’s for me to know and for you to wait and see.)

I created this space to celebrate all the wonderful things in life, to feed your soul with beautiful and healthful things, fresh ideas, and adventure. While it might seem like such a duh theme for a blog in an oversaturated market of lifestyle websites, I hope from the bottom of my heart that Freckles and Figs will grow into a source of inspiration for you. I hope it encourages everyone who lands here to lead a life sprinkled with exquisite and precious moments. I’ll be sharing words from my heart, a few bad jokes, wannabe-pro photography, and semi-warranted advice around health, beauty, fashion, and plain old life.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll stick around for the madness and fun to come. Cheers!










Turtleneck sweater: Obey // Bell bottom jeans: Lulu*s (on sale right now!) // Platform black heels: Forever 21 (old: similar here) // Lipstick: Revlon “Black Cherry” // My adorable dog, Piper: c/o Craigslist // Killer views: c/o Dallas

(P.S. I totally copied Adele but I’m hoping you already stopped scrolling and reading and never find out. Bye!)

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