Holiday Gift Ideas For Women

Holiday shopping is difficult, especially, so says my boyfriend, for women. I disagree with that, but just in case you’ve hit a road block shopping for a lady in your life, be it a sister, mom, girlfriend, or best friend, here are a few options to get you out of the rut.

The creatives out there will eat up Elizabeth Gilbert’s (remember that crazy lady who wrote Eat, Pray, Love?) new book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, the fashion-forward will adore cat-eye sunnies and blanket scarves, and the home bodies can cozy up with a charming throw pillow with heavenly candle scents wafting through the air. The best part is everything’s less than 40 bucks. Now, get to shopping!

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 6.52.47 PM

1. A sweet throw pillow that greets AND compliments you daily. (Target, $20)

2. Blanket scarves, because they’re almost as glorious as blanket sweaters. (Amazon, $16)

3. “Yes” and “No” mugs, to concisely depict how you feel any given day. (Fab, $24)

4. Things that smell nice are nice. (Neiman Marcus, $32)

5. Cat-eye sunglasses. I don’t even need to say anything else (except to get these). (Brylove, $11)

6. Rose gold, geometric-detailed, stemless wine glasses, because who knew such chic wine glasses even existed? (Nordstrom, $36, set of 4)

7. A book on my to-read-ASAP list, should be on everyone’s. (Amazon, $14)

8. Simple jewelry is the best jewelry. (Revolve, $29)

9. Wool hats make everything a little more sophisticated. (Nordstrom, $38)

10. An intricately beaded clutch for New Years or really any day you’d like to slay the handbag game. (Avenue, $21)

11. Water colored planners make busy schedules so much more beautiful. (Paper Source, $37)

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