Five-minute Workday Makeup Tutorial

Welcome to my bathroom! Glad I finally have a chance to say that on here…

I decided to try something a little different today, and boy, did I learn a lot. First of all–I sort of learned this during the required broadcast classes in journalism school, but–holy smokes, talking into a camera is HARD. And slightly awkward. But I also kind of like it? Many mixed feelings going on over here. Isn’t it invigorating being a part of my learning process? …

Also, I need to apologize about the quality of everything here: sound, picture, etc. Not sure why exactly, but I decided to record this on my small, Canon handheld camera that I got six years ago, that’s been through many a night out and should probably just retire about now. It’s metallic blue, for goodness sake. (You can catch a view of its metallic beauty at 2:10.)

Next time, if y’all like this enough for there to be a next time, I promise to use my nice camera, and also to scoot back from it some so I can look less bald. I did actually have a semi-cute top-knot going on that you’ll now never see. Another thing I forgot from broadcast classes: even if the camera shows five inches of space around your head, that gets cut off when you upload it to a computer. Duly noted.

Anyway, on to the actual content of the video! I really did have fun finagling this together. This is the exact makeup routine I do Monday through Friday mornings. It’s fast and simple, and I completely recommend if you feel like yours is a little too much for a weekday morn. Here are the product and routine details  if you’re interested:

Products Used:

Mascara: CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara in black

Concealer: CoverGirl TruBlend Fixstick Concealer in “Fair L1-4”

Powder: Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless SPF 15 Powder Foundation in “Me, Vain? Champagne”

Blush/bronzer: Too Faced Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer

Eyebrow kit: Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings Shaping Kit in “Light”

Lip balm: Blistex Lip Medex Analgesic Lip Protectant


Apply a few coats of mascara. (I always get a little on my eyelid and go back later with a wet q-tip to remove it.) Dot concealer under your eyes and smooth with a makeup blending sponge. Brush powder over surface of entire face using small sweeping motions and apply blush/bronzer to cheek bones in a J-shape. For the brows, use the angled brush to apply the brow shaping wax to follow the arch of your natural brow. Fill in with the brow powder afterward. Apply lip balm, and ta-da! All done.

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The song in the video is “Come On, Come Out” by A Fine Frenzy.

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