Breaking Rules In My Birthday Suit


Today is my birthday, and here is the outfit I wish I was wearing at work this fine Wednesday. But alas, my downtown office housing the works of magazine makers has, well, not a strict dress code by any means, but I don’t think they’d appreciate my waltzing in wearing a crop top, even if today does mark my 24th year of being alive. Plus, I’m sick, and I don’t care if you’re Khloe Kardashian: no one likes to dress up when they’re sick. So you can currently find me in a slouchy sweater and minimal makeup carrying around Kleenex like it’s an accessory. Turning 24 is lovely so far.

Anyway. I want to talk about rules today — specifically, breaking rules — because I think that’s an okay thing to do sometimes. I am a scorpio, after all. We’re the rebels, aren’t we? Even though I’m not brave enough to break dress code today, here are 24 rules that I encourage everyone to break every once in a while, and that I’ve almost certainly* broken in the last near-two-and-a-half decades.

1. Have more than two drinks on a date. Just be careful with red wine (wine-stained teeth are rarely a good look), and have your date drive.

2. Play hooky from work — or “take a personal day,” if we’re being all grownup about it.

3. Wear white after labor day and, really, whenever you want.

4. Take a financial risk if you truly believe it will pay off.

5. Don’t brush your hair. (Honestly, sometimes it looks better.)

6. Send double texts. Send triple texts!

7. Eyeball your measurements when baking. (My grandma will be disappointed in you, but go forth and conquer those cookies your own way this one time.)

8. Watch an entire series on Netflix in a weekend.

9. Take a 4-plus day break from working out.

10. Pay for your guy’s meal, and then high five him for breaking gender stereotypes.

11. Bring out the sandals or wedges in cooler months (barring that you live in, like, North Dakota like my sister; if so, abort mission STAT), and boots or booties in warm months.

12. Plan a trip the day before you take it.

13. Post an imperfection on social media.

14. Speak before thinking, or more aptly, over-analyzing.

15. Go to an event or restaurant alone.

16. Buy the shoes without checking your bank account first.

17. Paint a piece of furniture a bizarre, standout color.

18. Take an extra-long lunch break.

19. Talk while chewing; sometimes, we just have something really imperative to say and it needs to be said right now.

20. Drink beer before liquor.

21. If you like it but it’s “off-trend,” purchase it anyway.

22. Have a free day where you don’t worry about anything you eat. One day won’t ruin your goals.

23. Wear two, three, as many patterns as you think looks nice (a la the outfit on this here post; oh hello, lace, floral, and faux snakeskin).

24. Have ice cream for breakfast. Especially on your birthday.

*Almost certainly: because a rule breaker must never completely incriminate herself. Innocent until proven guilty, and all that junk.


















A big thank you to my great gal pal Sarah Cook for capturing these photos! If you live in North Texas and need a bomb photographer, holler at your girl (me, at and I’ll happily introduce you.

Crop top: Solemio (so old: similar here and here) // Pants: Old Navy (old: similar here, here, and here // Stilettos: Charlotte Russe (old: similar here and here) // Body chain: gift, similar here and here

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