Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself


Ah, yes. That’s right—I have a website here! Hello, nonexistent readers and spam-bots who constantly subscribe to my page even though I’ve written nothing in months. Hope you’ve been doing well. I know you’ve all been sitting impatiently on the brims of your seats, waiting for this post to appear. Well, it’s your lucky day.

I am actually writing this as a preview to a pretty cool announcement I’ll tell all of you (speaking to spam-bots and ghosts and, you know, my mom) very, very soon. But before I get to the big news, I want to talk about a change coming to this here blog. If you’re a Facebook friend or Instagram follower of mine, you’ve most likely been spammed with my promotions of blog posts at some point, or many points, between November of last year and now. Except not the last couple months, when I’ve been a loser-blogger, aka I’ve not been posting at all.

I started Freckles and Figs as a forum to creatively express myself by talking about the things that I love, like food (I mean, duh), health, style, blah blah blah. I started what has become known to the general public and readers of Cupcakes and Cashmere as a lifestyle blog. And I was ready to kill. The. Game. Three posts a week: done, done, and done. Varying content about outfits and recipes and workout routines: triple done again. Boom. It was exhilarating at first to have this autonomy and ability to express myself anyhow I wanted—until it wasn’t.

I’ve been pretty honest on here about lulls in my inspiration, and something I recently discovered that I had forgotten throughout this blog development was that my main interest in starting a website was to write. But I got to a point where I was so stressed out about creating beautiful images for several posts a week, or finding someone else to “collab” with, that I began caring less and less about the words I was throwing on a page—you know, that major reason I even wanted to start this whole thing? After much procrastination and quiet self-pity over being a failure of a lifestyle blogger (and absolutely not being the next Emily Schuman, as I’d hoped I could be), here I am. I ran out of inspiration, or, at the very least, inspiration put me in a very long time-out.

I personally feel that I can only write so much about peasant tops and my favorite this or that without feeling a level of self-indulgence beyond my comfort. (Everyone should have just a little bit of it, but whoa. My outfits and beauty supplies just aren’t cool enough for that much of it.) I love clothes—and I really love the bloggers who are able to maintain fresh content creation around fashion and other lifestyle topics regularly, but I think, I think, I’ve finally realized it isn’t for me.

I know what you’re thinking. This is all coming from the chick who has paired these words with literally the most lifestyle blogger-y photos on planet earth. All I can say to that is this: I ain’t perfect. And also, I’ve been sitting on these photos for, like, two months, and I really like them, okay? I couldn’t just waste them. I’d like to add in, as well, that my mind may change at some point, and, most likely, it will. So, if you see a post about denim culottes in the future, forgive me. I love those damn pants and might just need a place to express my admiration. Basically, the point I’m making is that Freckles and Figs is losing its “lifestyle blog” boundaries. No more three-posts-a-week rules, no more mandatory-exquisite-imagery rules, no more rules at all. For now, this site is going to be a little less about my interests and a little more about my adventure. And, boy, is there a big adventure coming (#teaser). I’ll tell y’all all about that—next time.

(Two notes: First, I am so grateful to those who have collaborated with me during the genesis of this blog, and I cannot thank you enough for trusting me to share your brand! This post is meant in no way to demean that work we did together. I am so appreciative. And second, just because I am attempting to change up the content around here doesn’t mean I’ll be spamming Facebook, Instagram, etc. social media any less. Just thought I should make that clear. Toodles!)











Dress which shrunk in the wash and now must be worn as a shirt: I don’t even know, but I think Lulu’s last year? // Jeans: Again, no clue, but my guess is Target // Bracelets: oh, oh! I know this one! Local Eclectic // Wedges: ABSOLUTELY no idea, not even a guess.

8 thoughts on “Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

  1. I’ve been patiently waiting for a new post lol I’m glad you’re thinking outside the box. Can’t wait to follow your adventures my sweet friend!

    1. Thank you sweet Molly! You are a dear and so so kind for reading and supporting me! Love all that you’re doing with your own brand and blog!

  2. Love the growth spurt, the willingness/courage to say enoughof this, I want to move on to that AND I want to write! Eager to see/read where this path takes you. Love you!

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