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If you are a doer just as much as you’re a dreamer; if you’re a pizza junkie as much as you’re a yoga fanatic; if you’re a believer in getting up, dressing up, and showing up most days, and Netflix-ing on your couch with your wine and chocolate on others; if you’re a listener, a helper, an activist, a do-gooder; or if you’re a vitamin forgetter, a too-many-cups-of-coffee drinker, a procrastinator who somehow still gets sh*t done… This is the place for you. We are kindred spirits.

Let’s be friends, then, shall we?

I’m Audrey, and here is where we have open conversations about life. About pursuing our mightiest goals. About trying to be healthy and successful and forward-moving, and also trying to live a little. Because that’s the most important thing, right?

Grab a coffee. Turn on some Ingrid Michaelson. Light a teakwood candle. Stay a while.

For questions (or just to talk about our days), email me at audrey@frecklesandfigs.com.