4 Things I’ve Realized Since Moving to Nashville

We’ve been in Nashville for just more than one week. This time last Tuesday, the moving crew we’d hired to unpack our Uhaul had already wrapped up their end of things, and John’s parents and my mom were heaven-sent as they helped us start ripping open boxes and finding places for everything to go.

Piper blending in with her new surroundings.
Piper blending in with her new surroundings.

The kitchen was especially tricky—my mom offered to pay the movers if they stopped bringing in kitchen boxes (and that was after we’d already pared down our combined kitchen stuff prior to moving). I’d estimate we had about 15 in all devoted to the kitchen. Yet, somehow, they made it work and, most importantly, fit. I say “they” because I can take no credit for any of that magic our moms worked in there; if it had been just John and I unpacking ourselves, I can guarantee there’d be at least nine kitchen boxes yet to unload.

Having grownup grownups there (I know I’m an adult but parents seem like realer adults) was such an amazing thing. Plus, they all got to meet for the first time since John and I began dating about two years ago. It was a long time coming, and I’m relieved that both of our parents know now we come from good people, something I’m sure they believed, but it’s nice to have had everyone meet finally.

Now that we’re pretty settled in and loving our neighborhood (local ice cream, famous pancakes, and divine iced coffee all right down the road—yes, please) and townhouse (shared backyard space and tucked-in, cul-de-sac location is perfect for Piper), I thought I’d share some aspects of the move–which happens to be a big move across a few states plus a major change with John and I living together for the first time–that I didn’t expect.

1) Nashville is way more humid and bug-gy than I remember. Maybe it’s the fact that I decided to paint a coffee table and TV stand outside a few days after moving in, a project which I’d estimated would take maybe two hours but, instead, took NINE, in the middle of July in the South. Or it could be that I have no gym membership here and have been running outside every day. Perhaps it’s the gardening I’m attempting to take up (even though I’ve killed every green thing, including succulents, I’ve owned ever). Either way, I’m growing accustomed my legs’ perpetual itchiness and the drips that trickle down my back anytime I step outside. This place looks real good on me.

2) John is always there. Like, always. Which is a good and a bad thing, and something that’ll change very soon, once his MBA program kicks off next week. The good: We can split house and dog responsibilities, someone who likes cooking much more than I do lives with me, he can sign for my Club W wine or online shopping shipments if I’m not home, and I get to go to bed and wake up next to a handsome guy I’m sorta in to (and he doesn’t care that I’m a senior citizen who likes going to bed at, like 9:45). The bad: Sometimes I just like being alone, you know? Luckily, he knows, understands, and is like this sometimes, too. Between moving and settling in, I haven’t had as much alone time as I’m accustomed to, but I’m sure that’s something that’ll just fluctuate.

3) Piper is always there, too. Again, the alone-time debacle—Piper has this thing called separation anxiety and is always on the heels of either me or John. Cooking? Better believe Piper’s laying right behind your feet, ready to trip you as you carry that pot of boiling water to the sink. Showering? She’s sitting right there on the bath mat, stealing a peek whenever she can to make sure you’re doing okay in there. It’s sweet, mostly, and annoying the other part of the time.

4) We’re not doing as much “Nashville” stuff as I anticipated. This is almost certainly because we’ve been here for a short amount of time, and our bank accounts are hurting some after these last couple weeks. But I had this vision that we’d be frequenting all the honky tonks and eating Nashville hot chicken and running into Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan every other day. I think I’m still going to keep that dream alive, even if I put it on the backburner for now.

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